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Hello and Welcome, dear visitors, to my website!  I hope all's well with you and that you enjoy checking out my web site .
Let me first briefly introduce myself: My name is Kia Farhadi, an Iranian Guitar Player.....
Presently I reside in the USA.
Apart from Gemology, which is my profession, I have varied interests in other topics, most notably Music and Internet.

I enjoy corresponding with people of other cultures from different countries especially musicians and guitar players .
So dear old friend or new visitor don't wait, there are several ways to hook me up in this website ,plus my email ,which is the easiest way for connection these days....

If You like you can check this page to know more about me.

About this website and its content:

This website has been created as a resource for everyone from advanced musicians to real beginners.
You will find lots of useful guitar lessons and information here,the site is free for you.
Updates and new material are pretty much donation dependant.
This site has been months and months in the making & working since 2002, And I'm still going!

Please sign up my guestbook  ... Hope you can stop by and check out content of this website and leave your useful comments to help me make it better.
I`m eager to receive your nice messages & emails in any topic.

Thanks, Kia-Farhadi

***If You Keep this page open , you can listen to unlimited 24/7 online Guitar music.***

Published since 11/july/2002